Why we need bottled water

Water is the most important element of nutrition. A person consumes approximately 35 tons of water in his or her lifetime. If we purify all of this water, we would get 420 glasses of harmful substances. All this is not eliminated from the body, but remains in the form of deposits in the joints, on the walls of blood vessels, in the tissues of organs. Clogged cells find it more difficult to fight the disease. That means clean water is essential for our health.

☝But where can we get clean water? It is not recommended to drink tap water. Bottled water has long been a way of life in Europe.

Bottled water is drinking water that is free from additives and sweeteners and that is placed in a hygienic container. Tanks with such water are marked: carbonated, potable, spring, mineralized, purified, artesian, well water.

☝An important determining detail is the presence of mineral salts in water. It should be remembered that mineral water has its own special mineral composition. Such waters are mainly used for medicinal and preventive purposes.

☝For daily use you should choose purified drinking water without gas from the right sources!

The mineral water from the company “ABK Dnipro” – TM ” Царичанская “, TM ” Петриківська “, as well as purified drinking water ” КРИСТАЛЛ ” is considered as qualitative and useful water.

Water from the company “ABK Dnipro” is a pure safe and useful product that is suitable for regular use.


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