Ordering “ABK Dnipro” water through Viber is so convenient

Friends, for your convenience we decided to open another fast way to receive your orders. 👉 It’s Viber, familiar to everybody!

Now it became even more convenient to order water delivery from “ABK Dnepr”!

Just send a message in Viber to the number (067) 611-28-85 and your order will be processed! 👌

✍️Tell us the name of your order, number of cylinders, recipient’s full name, address, desired date of delivery.☝️👇

*For example: 8, Meditsinskaya St., entrance 3, sq.*. 2 cylinders of “Tsarichanskaya” on 23.11.19 (in the morning before 12) *.

In the answer you will receive a message with confirmation or clarification of the order (for example, if not all information is specified).

We hope that with the introduction of this function it will become even easier and more accessible for you to get your favorite “ABK Dnipro” water.🙏❤️


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