Lilu Econom water pump


Reliable mechanical lilu economy pump, suitable for bottling water from bottles of 11 and 18.9 liters.
Production Ukraine. Lilu economy pump is convenient and easy to use. It is fastened firmly and tightly to the bottle. If to give more detailed description of this product, the pump Lilu economy is a mechanical pump for intake of water from 19 and 11-liter bottles, which device of fastening reminds a clip which is tightly attached to bottles, the given fastening has been used for a long time already on similar mechanical pumps of Turkish manufacture, and for many years has perfectly proved. Lilu Economy pump is a quality product from a national manufacturer, please contact us, our company offers wholesale supplies of water pumps, we offer a guarantee on our products as well as flexible terms of cooperation. If you wish to expand its range of water pumps, we offer a complete set of prefabricated orders of pumps, thus you get a wide range of pumps, while not investing additional money in the purchase of goods, you can attract more customers with different preferences.