ТМ «Царичанська» highly carbonated 1,5L
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Water TM “Царичанська” 1.5 liters of highly carbonated mineral water is a natural medicinal and table water of the highest category, extracted from an artesian well 120 meters deep from the underground source of the Buchach aquifer in the picturesque Tsarychansky district. The deep occurrence and natural protection allow us to drink water from a virgin formation that is 150 million years old.

Natural mineral water for medical and table use, bicarbonate-chloride, sodium chloride “Tsarychanska №1 “TM

Total mineralization – 1.5-2.0 g/dm3

Chemical composition, mg/l (mg/l):

NCO-3 – 250-400
CI- – 600-800
SO42- – no more than 120

Ca2+ – no more than 50
Mg2+ – no more than 25
(Na++K+) – 480-650

Water is artificially saturated with CO2.