“Water Weekend” promotion

Water weekends all May?

Yes!!! All May long water on SHARU from ABK Dnipro, don’t miss it!

When ordering water from Friday to Saturday, from Saturday to Sunday, as well as from Sunday to Monday from 01.05.23 to 31.05.23, the following prices apply: ТМ «Царичанская» – 70 грн, ТМ «Кристалл» – 65 грн, ТМ «Петриківська» – 68 грн, ТМ «Сонечко» – 75 грн.
Please note that the May promotions are not cumulative!

Orders through the Water Weekend promotion do not apply to the chatbot and the ABK Dnipro mobile application.

You can place an order by calling: +380675609555, +380676278291.
And also on the website:
With care for you and your loved ones, ABK Dnipro.

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