How to store water correctly?

Drinking water needs to be stored properly.

The most popular way to store it is in plastic containers. The second place is occupied by glass containers. Glass containers make water more expensive and have a “fragile” nature. But many people believe that glass bottles are more environmentally friendly than plastic containers, believing that plastic is extremely harmful to health and “kills” the useful properties of drinking water.

But is it really so?

It depends on the quality and the usage of the plastic containers.
Safe plastic containers for storing water are PET bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate. Such tank does not bend when pressed and holds its shape. All water “Царичанская” TM from “ABK Dnipro” is produced only in containers of polyethylene terephthalate.

For a proper preservation of all health properties of water in PET containers, you must remember that you can not store containers in the open sun and at temperatures above 30 ° C.
It is strictly forbidden to store drinking water in containers made of melamine – a source of formaldehyde. Such container looks like a white plastic dishes and gives a deafening sound when tapping, any mechanical damage to the container activates the production of hazardous substances.

That is why it is important to order drinking water at home by a reliable and trusted supplier. Moreover, the delivery of water TM ” Царичанская “, TM ” Петриківська” and  

TM ” КРИСТАЛЛ” from “ABK Dnipro” – affordable and the best choice for all modern families. So you are sure to provide yourself with a clean source of health and energy.

Make an order of water TM ” Царичанская “, TM ” Петриківська” or “КРИСТАЛЛ” from “ABK Dnipro”  to your home – it will save your time, money and nerves. Develop a correct and useful habit for all of yours: follow the correct drinking regime during the day and accustom your child to it.

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