ТМ «Петриківська» highly carbonated

Water TM «Петриківська» strong-gas – is unique in its natural origin. Drinking water of the highest category, extracted from an artesian well, the depth of which is 120m. Water from artesian well “Петриківська” has a balanced composition of microelements. Such water is the most beneficial because it retains its natural composition and structure after purification.

Natural mineral table water «Петриківська» TM

Total mineralization – 0.8-1.2 g/dm3.
Chemical composition, mg/l (mg/l):


НСО 400-550

CI–       – ˂100

SO42-     < 150-250


Са2+  <50-70

Mg2+  – < 100

(Na++K+)– 50-170

Water is artificially saturated with CO2.