Water ТМ «Царичанская»


TM “Царичанская” water is a natural mineral water of the highest category, extracted from an artesian well, 120m deep from an underground source of Buchach aquifer in the picturesque Tsarichanskiy district. The depth of occurrence and natural protection allow to drink water from the virgin layer, the age of which is 150 million years.

Chemical composition, mg/l:
Iodine ≤ 50
Calcium ≤ 130
Magnesium ≤ 80
Sodium ≤ 200
Fluorides ≤ 1.5
Total hardness no more than 1.5 mmol/l
Total alkalinity not more than 6.5 mmol/l
Dry residue mg/dm3 ≤ 250