Baby water ТМ «Сонечко»

Baby water ТМ «Сонечко» is a drinking water of the highest category intended for pregnant and nursing mothers and babies from birth (0+).

Advantages of «Сонечко» baby water

Produced from artesian well at a depth of 120 m below the ground, due to which the water is carefully balanced in terms of mineral composition and recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers and children from the first days of life (+0);
has five degrees of protection;
Has undergone a thorough cleaning and quality control at all stages of production;
It is absolutely safe when used for drinking;
does not contain harmful chemical impurities.

Chemical composition, mg/l:

Iodine ˂ 2 μg/l
Calcium 14
Magnesium 13
Sodium 81
81 81 Fluorides 0.2

Potassium 2
Total hardness 0.4 mmol/l
Total Alkalinity 1.2 mmol/l
Dry Residue mg/dm3 – 104